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Generic Banking - Family

These are Investment Banking Data Models that we have created based on our experience at Credit Suisse and other Banks.

Here are some useful links :-
  • Data Architecture with 3 Layers
  • Data Architecture with 5 Layers
  • SOA Data Governance

    Links to external Web Sites :-
  • Financial Products Markup Language(FpML)
  • Progress offering on FpML
  • Wikipedia on FpML
  • Wikipedia on Financial Instruments
  • Wikipedia on Futures Contracts
  • Wikipedia on Securities

    Here are some Subject Area Data Models :-

    Accounts A key building-block.
    Assets Including Assets and Asset Types
    Brokers Including Addresses and Contacts.
    Clients (Customers) Including Addresses and Facilities.
    Deals with Financial Instruments Deals and Financial Instruments.
    Deals - FX Shows details of FX Deals.
    Deals - General A starting-point for Deals in general.
    Deals - Simple & Open-Ended Shows a simple starting-point which is open-ended.
    Enterprise Data Model Top-Level starting-point with Subject Areas.
    Financial Instruments Description of Financial instruments which can be either cash instruments or derivative instruments.
    Financial Instruments Data Model Data Model for Financial instruments showing Sub-Types.
    Financial Services Authority The FSA regulates Banks and Financial Institutions.
    FpML - What is it ? Good Introduction.
    FpML Products Shows different Products with an Inheritance relationship.
    FpML Products Data Model Shows FpML Products as an ERD Data Model.
    Global Custody Involves processing cross-border securities trades, keeping financial assets safe and servicing portfolios.
    Life Cycle of a Deal Description of the Stages in the Life Cycle of a typical Deal - Buy, Monitor, Sell.
    Life Cycle of a Product Life Cycle of a Product thru Front, Middle and Back Office
    Market Quotes Data Feeds provided by Bloomberg or Reuters for Exchange-Traded Derivatives
    Middle Office Middle Office is responsible for execution of a Trade
    Settlements Involves settling Trades.
    Staff Dealers, Traders and more.
    Transactions Tracking Share Transactions
    Data Warehouse / Marts Models ...
    Data Mart for Position and Risk Mgt Shows Conformed Dimensions but needs work to remove P and L data
    Data Warehouse (1) Before Facilitated Workshop.
    Data Warehouse (2) After Facilitated Workshop.
    Discussion with Users identified that analysis by Trader was required.
    Therefore Trader replaced a Dimension. Similarly for Currencies.
    Data Warehouse (3) After all Facilitated Workshop.
    This Final Version includes all the data that will meet the business requirements.
    Federated Data Marts  
    Third-party Data Models ...
    IBM Banking Data Warehouse This is a useful reference.

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