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Generic Banking - Family

These are Investment Banking Data Models that we have created based on our experience at Credit Suisse and other Banks.

Here are some useful links :-
  • Data Architecture with 3 Layers
  • Data Architecture with 5 Layers
  • SOA Data Governance

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  • Progress offering on FpML
  • Wikipedia on FpML
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    Here are some Subject Area Data Models :-

    Accounts A key building-block.
    Assets Including Assets and Asset Types
    Brokers Including Addresses and Contacts.
    Clients (Customers) Including Addresses and Facilities.
    Commodities Including Importers and Wholesalers, Producers and Speculators.
    Data Mart for FX Deals Data Mart for FX Deals
    Data Model - Generic Covers both Investment and Retail.
    Data Marts Generic Framework Data Marts.
    Data Warehouses Data Warehouses.
    Deals with Financial Instruments Deals and Financial Instruments.
    Deals - FX Shows details of FX Deals.
    Deals - General A starting-point for Deals in general.
    Deals - Simple & Open-Ended Shows a simple starting-point which is open-ended.
    Enterprise Data Model Top-Level starting-point with Subject Areas.
    Financial Instruments Description of Financial instruments which can be either cash instruments or derivative instruments.
    Financial Instruments Data Model Data Model for Financial instruments showing Sub-Types.
    Financial Services Authority The FSA regulates Banks and Financial Institutions.
    FpML - What is it ? Good Introduction.
    FpML Products Shows different Products with an Inheritance relationship.
    FpML Products Data Model Shows FpML Products as an ERD Data Model.
    FX Deals Dimensional Model Involves FX Deals.
    Global Custody Involves processing cross-border securities trades, keeping financial assets safe and servicing portfolios.
    Glossary of Terms Definitions of some important words, such as Derivatives and Swaps.
    Life Cycle of a Deal Description of the Stages in the Life Cycle of a typical Deal - Buy, Monitor, Sell.
    Life Cycle of a Product Life Cycle of a Product thru Front, Middle and Back Office
    Market Quotes Data Feeds provided by Bloomberg or Reuters for Exchange-Traded Derivatives
    Middle Office Middle Office is responsible for execution of a Trade
    Semantic Layer Data Model Provides a user-friendly interface to a Database.
    Settlements Involves settling Trades.
    Staff Dealers, Traders and more.
    Transactions Tracking Share Transactions
    Data Warehouse / Marts Models ...
    Data Mart for Position and Risk Mgt Shows Conformed Dimensions but needs work to remove P and L data
    Data Warehouse (1) Before Facilitated Workshop.
    Data Warehouse (2) After Facilitated Workshop.
    Discussion with Users identified that analysis by Trader was required.
    Therefore Trader replaced a Dimension. Similarly for Currencies.
    Data Warehouse (3) After all Facilitated Workshop.
    This Final Version includes all the data that will meet the business requirements.
    Federated Data Marts  
    Third-party Data Models ...
    IBM Banking Data Warehouse This is a useful reference.
    Oracle Financial Srvices  

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