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Loan Management Consolidation   
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The Area being Modelled is :-
Loan Management Consolidation

Derek Crain writes 

Question: Project is to combine two systems used by American Financial. 
The loan application system is fairly new, but has no documentation. 
The loan management system is older, needs much revision, and the records are 
coded and kept independently of the other system. 

The loan application system accepts applications, processes them, and recommends 
loans for approval. 

The loan management system takes loans that have been approved and follows them 
through their final disposition (paid, sold, or defaulted). 

I need a level one data flow diagram that shows what an ideal combine system would look like. 

Make sure to include a data dictionary. 

Barry has identified the 'Things of Interest' as follows :- 1. Customers 2. Loans 4. Others to be determined

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