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Matching Writers Names   
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The Area being Modelled is :-
Requirements have been provided by a Question from Nick Sincaglia.
Subject: Creators of Creative Works - ie Matching Writers Names
Question: I am looking to see if there are any existing data models which capture the 
complexity of creative individuals or groups of people and the creative works they create. 

Some of the challenges around this include 
1) individuals have non-unique names, 
2) individuals can change their name over time, 
3) variation of spelling, 
4) alternative names, 
5) requirements to use certain names on certain creative works etc... 

I am looking for a data model which captures all these complexities so I can uniquely 
identify an individual using any number of names,creative works and other metadata like 
birthdate, gender, birth location etc... 

Barry has identified the 'Things of Interest' as follows :-
1. Aliases
2. Alternative Names 
3. Creative Works
4. Groups
5. Group Members
6. Names
7. Roles in a Group
8. Works

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