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Monitoring Naval Officers   
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The Area being Modelled is :-
Monitoring Naval Officers

Question: Sirs, I am creating a website that will be used by junior Naval Officers to 
select mentors from a list of senior Naval Officers. 

The seniors will have probably about 10 jobs (orders) that they have held from 2-3 in duration. 

I want to create a database that will allow the juniors to search the jobs that seniors have 
held that match their desires. 

I am thinking of 10 tables, with the table 1 being the base senior officer info (name, rank,...) 
and the tables 2-10 to list the orders that each of the seniors have held. 

Table 2-10 would essentially be the same fields over and over again just going backward from most 
recent to the oldest. 

How do I set up the keys to make this work ?

I have a proposed schema that I can send along. 

Thanks. any help would be appreciated, and I will upload any information after this is done to help 
you website. 


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