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Data Model for a Modelling Agency

The Zing Model House provides models with different expertise. In the current manual system, models are assigned to jobs base on their expertise, customerís budget and schedule.
A model booking system is to be developed for the Zing Model House to replace the manual system. The system will allow online booking of models.

Similar Web Sites include :-
2) OneModelPlace
3) ModelMayhem
There will be 3 types of users:
1. Sales Executive - who can create customer record, view/ make/ cancel booking for customers.
2. Manager - who can view/ make/ cancel booking, insert/ delete models, alter model rate/ expertise and view monthly report.
3. Administrator - who has rights to everything, including insert/ delete/ update user login information.
Things of Interest include :-
  • Administrators, Bookings, Clients, Managers, Models.
    Here's a basic Kick-Start Data Model ...

    Conceptual Data Model for a Modelling Agency (28K)

    Barry Williams
    Principal Consultant
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