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Play List

Name Length Genre CreationDate BPM Dj Friendly Size (Mb) Comments
Felt Her Leave 01:33 Electro 6-Apr-2001 92 N 1.46 Short Edit, Extended version coming soon.
I know you're out there 02:37 House 16-Mar-2001 128 Y 2.46 Preliminery Test Mixdown, not finished
Tronic Anoria 02:04 Electro 4-Apr-2001 102 Y 1.95 Preliminery Test Mixdown, not finished
Vast Magestic 03:20 Mellow 10-Nov-2000 110 Y 3.12 Nearly Finished
Horace 303 01:35 Hard House 6-Apr-2001 125 Y 1.48 Finished, Very short fill in track for mixes
Sweeping Music 01:00 Orchestral 3-Nov-2000 0 N 0.704 Not finished, constantly developing, if slowly... ;o)
Lucky Remix 03:09 Hard House 1-Apr-2000 138 Y 1.83 Wetter and Harder Remix of Britney Spears Lucky

Last Updated on 21/04/01
By Dimple