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Notes on the Data Model
 95% people in the world do the same things every day :-
  - Get up in the morning
  - Eat 
  - Go to sleep at night

  We can include these in the Data Model to help apply it for 
  recording MyLifeBIts and look for similar patterns.

  Event Types include :
  - Getting up, Eating Going to Bed
  - Meeting, Movies, Walking
  - Buying a Car,Working
  Publishing Devices include :
  - Blog
  - MP3 Player
  - iPod
  - iPhone
  - Internet
  - MySpace
  - YouTube

 Recording devices include
 - Blog
 - Camera
 - SenseCam
 - WebCam

User Scenarios
Here are some possibilities to get you thinking about recording details of your daily life.
A. You can record your daily activities using these Recording Options :-
A.1 Cell / Mobile phones
A.2 PDAs 
A.3 Ricoh GPS Device
A.4 SenseCam
A.5 WebCam

B. Then you can publish them using these Publishing Options :-
B.1 Blogs (Text and Pictures) - eg,, 
B.2 Cell / Mobile phones
B.3 Flickr and PhotoBucket (Photos)
B.4 PDAs
B.5 MySpace (Text, pictures and Video)
B.6 Nokia N800
B.7 Sony PlayStation (???)
B.8 YouTube (Video)

Note that PDAs and Cells can have GPS, GPRS and Internet access so they can transmit a continuous stream of data to a Database, 
This can then be accessed instantly over the Internet.
But they don't have the ability to automatically do any one of these.
As a result, recording data continuously isn't currently realistic with off-the-shelf, mass-produced, commercial products.

Barry Williams
28th. April 2007
Principal Consultant
Database Answers


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