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Here is the Statement of User Requirements
Well, I am working an a social networking website that will have a calendaring function in it 
as well as online event invitation creation.

I would like a comprehensive and granular data model that articulates and displays the 
interconnectedness of a user's the social network, a user's calendar (showing events he has created, 
been invited to, is notified of), and a user's events (your birthday, when my next Econ 101 class is) 
within the calendar as well as media (video and photo) albums a user might create in addition to the 
online invitation.

So, users will be able to create events (or a set/layer of events) in the calendar:

eg Mom's Birthday
A one-time event on XYZ, starting at X, ending at Y, at John Doe's house, 20 invitees, the event page, 
their comments and uploads to Mom's Birthday album

A 2009 Pay Day Schedule for Acme Corporation

Consists of 13x yearly time event, every X, no starting time, no ending time, it just occurs, 
no location, 
no invitee, 
no event page, 
no comments or uploads.

If you and I are connected on this social network, you would be notified of the event creation and 
responses to the event, "John Doe created Mom's Birthday Event and 17 people have RSVP-ed"

or you could also create a layer/set of events (Acme Pay Day schedule) to share (or not) with your connections.

Does this help? 

Apologies for being nebulous before.   

Thanks in advance for your time.


From these Requirements we can identify the 'Things of Interest' as :-
1. Calendar
2. Contacts (friends, relatives, and so on)
3. Events
4. Organisations

Barry Williams
31st. December 2008
Principal Consultant
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