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Patient Visits to the Doctor
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The Requirements have been defined as follows by Claudette Harrington :-
Well I'm stuck again. 

I have searched your site for this information and I found several health care designs but 
none of them had all the tables I needed , so again I am humbly asking for your help. 

I need an example of a star schema data warehouse that helps me answer questions like these :-
"What fraction of patients tends to go to doctors in their hometown ?"
"What are the top 10 diseases by cost of treatment ?"
"What are the most effective treatments for each disease ?"
"What are the treatments with the highest /lowest side effects ?" 

The analysis should take the age of the patients into account.

  • Barry says the Business Rules are :-
  • Patients make Visits to Doctors located in Medical Centers.
  • Patients and Medical Centers have Addresses that are stored in an 'Addresses' Table for easy validation.
  • Medical Procedures such as X-Rays are carried out on Patients.
  • Each Procedure has a Cost and the total Cost of Procedures for each Visit is Derived and stored.
  • During a Visit, the Doctor might prescribe Medication for the Patient.
  • Each Medication has a Cost and the total Cost is derived and stored.
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