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Pharmacies and Generics
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The Draft Business Rules have been defined and are listed below.
The Area being Modelled is :-
Pharmacies and Generic Medications

The User defined his Requirements as follows :-

I work for a non-profit that assists low income people get medications from
the pharmaceutical companies. 

I have been working weeks on a database, but keep getting stopped. I know I
have no right to ask, but I am getting pressed for time. 

If you could look at what I have done, and help point me in the right
direction, I would very much greatly appreciate it. I will add a link to
your site when I get ours up. The business is barely making its bills right
now, but I am hoping that the database will help streamline the whole
process and help to make some money. If it does, I will gladly send you a
fee, which I am sure will not be what you usually get. 

If you do not care to guide me, at lease let me know, I will understand, and
I imagine you get asked all the time. 

What we have is the following.

A person comes in with a list of medications they need to take. It can be
from one, up to around 13 to 15, depending on the person. 

The same person can have one doctor, or multiple doctors, but usually one

We fill out an application for each medicine (prescription or script).
Regardless if they have multiple medicines from the same company.

We gather the paperwork, send it to the Dr for signature, receive the
paperwork back from the Dr. and send it to the pharmaceutical company. 

The problem come in here. After the initial order, the person comes back in
when their medication runs out. Either in 30, 60, or 90 days. Then we do a
re-order for the person. 

How do I keep a history of what we have done for the person? 

And for each medicine?

I would like to grow the database in the future to include the
pharmaceutical companies and their respective medicines. 

I would also like to have the system tell me when a persons medication is
about to run out, so that we can reorder it and the person does not have to
go without medicine, which they have to do now. 

We also have to track the following:

The date the person originally came in and joined
The date we originally received a prescription
The date we processed the prescription and did the paper work
The date we sent the paper work to the Dr for signature
The date we received the paper work from the Dr with his signature
The date we send the paper work to the pharmaceutical company
The date the medicine comes in
The date we contact the person that their medicine is in and available to be
picked up. 

I have attached some files to maybe help understand the process. is the one I tried to create using a template from your pharmacies
and prescriptions. 

Any help and or guidance would be very greatly appreciated, and help us to
help many other people that would not normally get the medicines they need
to live. 

Thanks in advance, 

A. DESIGN NOTES : A.1 B. The Things of Interest, ('THINGS'), include :- B.1 Customers B.2 Drugs and Medications B.3 Physicians B.4 Prescriptions C. These THINGS are Related as follows :- C.1 A CUSTOMER can have zero, one or many PRESCRIPTIONS.
D. Other Characteristics of these THINGS include :-

E. Sample Data includes :-
E.1 To be determined

F. Typical Enquiries include :-
F.1 To be Determined
  Barry Williams
24th. April 2004
Principal Consultant
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