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   Private Banking    
An Access Database is available on demand.

The Business Rules for Reports have been drafted.

Top-Level Data Model for Private Banking

This diagram shows the Top-Level Data Model and separate Models have been created :-
  • Complete Data Model
  • Data Model with Attributes
  • People Subject Area Model
  • Products Area Model
  • Products Mapping Model
  • Data Warehouse
  • Data Architecture
  • SQL Views for Reports.
    In October, 2010, it was reported that Swiss Banking Requirements had changed and the major Swiss banks UBS and Credit Suisse must hold almost twice as much capital as set out in the new international Basel III standards.

    Here are some other relevant Data Models :-
  • Loading a Banking Data Warehouse

  • Customers and Purchases Data Warehouse
  • e-Commerce Data Warehouse
  • Investment Banking

    Barry Williams
    Principal Consultant
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    December 14th. 2010

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