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FACTS for a Data Model for Product Servicing

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These FACTS define business requirements which the Database must support.
They form the basis for agreement between the User and the Database Designer and are
written in a form of structured English which is clear and unambiguous.
The Draft FACTS
have been defined and are detailed below.
A. The Area being Modelled is :-
Product Manufacture and Servicing.

Business Rules ...
A. Scope :-  
A company that sells, distributes and services a single product line of machines.  

B. Things of Interest :-
1. Companies
2. Customers
3. Distributors
4. End-Users
5. Machines
6. Services
C. What do we know about the Things of Interest :-
1. A Machine is sold to a Customer by a Distributor.
2. Customers include Parent Corporations (such as Starbucks), end-users (individual companies or store locations, distributors, or individuals.
3. There are several types of Service (warranty, non-warranty, service, upgrade/recall).
4. Services are performed on a Machine by a Service Vendor.
5. A Service Vendor may also be a Distributor or vice-versa.  Either one could also be a Customer.
6. A Company has both a Billing and Shipping address for each Company. 
7. A Machine will have an installation location.

D. Questions :-
1. One company can serve multiple roles, so should there be a Supertype "Company" to avoid multiple billing & shipping addresses for each company?
2. How should this supertype be implemented ? 
3. Since a single valued discriminator won't work, can we use attributes like 'Is_Customer', 'Is_Vendor', 'Is_Distributor',  'Parent_CorpID' ?

E. Sample Data includes :-
1. To be determined

F. Typical Enquiries include :-
1. To be determined.
Barry Williams Principal Consultant Database Answers 1st. Febuary 2001

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