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Products for Hire
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A Database is required to help run a business which offers Products for Hire.

Mervin, the User, has defined his Requirements in the following terms :-

I'm so excited about being part of the Database Answers community, 
I only started looking at databases about a week ago & finding it fascinating.
There's such a lot to take into account & define to make provision for all the different queries, 
questions and answers that might be required now & in the future. 

Three years ago I started a small function hire operation from home, 
Itís still small but gaining market share constantly. 
Iím now looking for a database to replace my excel spreadsheet documents to better track 
the performance of my business. 
My basic needs are a database for products (dinner plates, fish plates, dessert bowls, cups & 
saucers, cutlery, glasses, jugs also tablecloths & different coloured overlayers etcÖ) customers, 
bookings, availability on a specific date, returns, returns due, damages/missing items, late returns, refund of damage deposits. 

I also have a discount coupon issued to second time customers and customers who refer others as well 
as caterers and function co-ordinators who refer their customers to me, that I would like to track & account. 

I would also like to get customer month to date & year to date figures as well as damages month & year to date. 

I am very excited about this and would like to do as much as possible myself, but I donít know much for now. 

Iíd like a nice GUI that I can modify to reflect a picture or two and the colours I prefer. 

Hope Iím not asking toooooo much.

B. The Things of Interest, ('THINGS'), which will become Tables in the Database, include :-
B.1 Bookings
B.2 Customers
B.3 Discount Coupons
B.4 Products
B.5 Refunds
B.6 Etc.

C. These THINGS are Related as follows :-
C.1 A Customer can hire zero, one or many Products.
C.2 A Product can be hired by zero,onr or many Customers.

D. Other Characteristics of these THINGS include :-
D.1 To be determined

E. Sample Data includes :-
E.1 To be determined

F. Typical Enquiries include :-
F.1 To be Determined
That is the end of the Statement of Business Rules.

Barry Williams
20th. September 2008
Principal Consultant
Database Answers
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