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Project Planning
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The Requirement is for the Design of a Database to support Project Planning with 
scheduling of scarce Resources.

The User has defined the Requirements as follows :-
We need an ERP to develop a solution that handles the resources of a Telecomunications Services Company. 
This local business is dedicated to the design and installation of any kind of data networks. 
The most critical need is to know how each resource is allocated (human and material) and to ensure optimum resource usage.

The most difficult issue is to design the correct database structure to handle the resources and their planned usage. 

There is a formal procedure for working with Projects, where each project has a previous price calculation process. 
When the client accepts the offer, the project must be planned. 
A project is composed by Activities, and each activity uses resources. 

Unfortunately the resources are limited, so when two or three concurrent activities from diferent projects want to 
book the same resource at the same time, a conflict appears. 
The implementation of Conflict Resolution needs an appropriate table structure to handle Projects --> Activities --> 
Resources (hierarchical concept). 
We need to handle timestamps, perhaps at a "day" level detail. 
The other crucial issue is how we will avoid or control conflicts between activities. 
We guess an extra table is needed to keep track of conflicts, do you agree? 
Perhaps PLANNING RESOURCES --> ProjectId --> ActivityId --> ResourceId --> Time/Date/TimeStamp.

Fabian, Argentina.
4th. August 2004

A. Things of Interest :-
A.1 Projects
A.2 Resources

C. How are these Things of Interest related ?
C.1 Projects use Resources.
C.2 There is only a limted supply of Resources.

Barry Williams
4th. August 2004
Principal Consultant
Database Answers


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