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Data Model for Purchase Orders for Cars 
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The Area being Modelled is :-
Purchase Orders for Cars

A) The Question was ... Subject: Purchase Orders for Cars Question: a company which needs a software to manage its purchases and sales. when needs cars,the stock manager(SM)will send a proposal of command to the managing director(MD)OF the branch for approval. when the MD approves a command ,the SM can contiue the process. this company also has a center of purchases(CP) which is in charge to compile different commands of branches in one global command for each concerned provider. the CP receives command from branches and makes a new command which will be addressed to the provider. the provider delivers the cars directly to the branches. when the CP sends a global command to the provider this one will make a bill to be paid by the CP.
B. Barry says the Things of Interest are :- 1. Competitors 2. Sports 3. Others to be determined C. The Business Rules are as follows :- 1. To be determined.

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