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Business Rules for Resources Requesters
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The design of this Database has been created by following our General Approach.

User Requirements :-
AREA BEING MODELLED : Automation of Requests of Rights & Resource Ownership 
A.1 To maintain an Inventory of Request of Rights on certain resources 
A.2 Keep track of who has access to what Resource 
A.3 To maintain an overview of the Resource Ownership of all available resources.  
A.4 To be able to consult a history of all requests ever made and the results of those requests 
A.5 To have an overview on all existing groups having access to certain resources 
A.6 To have an overview on all requesters being member of the available groups 
A.7 Other requirements to be determined. 
B. Things of Interest  
B.1 Administrators 
B.2 Groups 
B.3 History 
B.4 Requests 
B.5 Requesters 
B.6 Resources 
B.7 Resource_Owners 
B.8 Rights 
B.9 Systems 
B.10 Other to be determined. 
C. How are these THINGS related to each other ?

Barry 1. Each Requester is a person who belongs to one or more Groups.
Barry 2. Access Rights are granted to Groups.
Barry 3. To achieve a certain level of access, an individual must join the appropriate Group.
Barry 4. The level of Access available to a Requester depends on the groups the Requester belongs to.

C.1 A Requester can make one or more requests to obtain certain Rights 
C.2 Granted rights are applied on one or more Resources 
C.3 Each Resource is owned by a Resource Owner 
C.4 Each Resource Owner can own more then one Resource 
C.5 Each Request results in a feedback towards the Requester (either granted or rejected) 
C.6 Each Resource Owner must be able to consult the History of all previous requests 
C.7 All requests, approvals, ... must be timestamped 
C.8 Each Requester is member of one or more Groups 
C.9 All Groups and Requesters are administered by an Administrator (can be a resource owner or not) 
C.10 Each system is owned by a Resource Owner 
D. Open questions 
D.1 Must the Resources be limited to only folders and/or directories or must also systems as such be included in the scope ? 
D.2 ... 
E. Sample Data includes 
To be determined 
F. Typical Enquiries include 
F.1 Who has rights on what Resource ? 
F.2 Who owns which Resource ? 
F.3 Who requested what and when ? 
F.4 When has an approval been send to a Requester and by who ? 
F.5 Who is member of which group ? 
F.6 Which group has which rights ? 
F.7 Which administrator administers which groups and which users ? 
F.8 ...? 

Barry Williams Principal Consultant Database Answers 15th. April 2001

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