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Sales Commissions
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Sales Commissions

This is a Statement of the User Requirements.

Database for Sales Commissions and Residuals
Question: I am trying to create a db to track a small insurance agencies 
2.) sales and 
3.)paying commissions and residuals to agents***most important. 

I have the client info and sales records worked out, but I am stumped on 
what table(s) I will need for commissions/residuals. 

Each agent is paid one yr. commission in advance at time policy is written 
then monthly residuals for 7 years(84 months)starting one year from effective date. 

I need to be able to track this plus create a report that will show the agent the 
client name, policy and amount of commission being paid, residual being paid, date 
paid and check number used. 

I want this to be automatically calculated in the report. 

Yes, the report will end up being several pages long when an agent is receiving monthly 
residuals for 100's of clients, but that is the way it has to be done. 

Do I need 84 fields showing month1, month2, etc. for these residuals? 

Also, if the policy cancels, the residuals stop. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

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Barry Williams
25th. October 2006
Principal Consultant
Database Answers
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