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Service Calls Tracking 
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The Area being Modelled is :-
Service Call Tracking

A. Barry says the Things of Interest are :-
  • Contacts
  • Customers
  • Local Telephone Carriers (LECs)
  • Parts
  • Service Calls
  • Teams
  • Techs (Technical personnel)
  • Tickets
  • Trips
  • Work Orders B. The Business Rules are as follows :- 1. Customers can have one or many Contacts, whose role will be clarified by Milton 2. Customers have one or many Service Locations. 3. Service Calls are made from Service Locations. 4. A Service Call can involve only one Possible Problem, (which can be unknown initially). 5. Work Orders are raised in response to Service Calls. 6. Each Work Order can result in one or many Service Trips. 7. Each Service Trip is made to the Service Location that raised the Call. 8. One or many Technicians is involved in a Service Trip. 9. A Service Trip has one Outcome. 10. A Service Trip can involve one Possible Action.
    C. Milton says ... I was hoping for (I KNOW I KNOW itís a curse word) free. I just need some help getting started in the right direction. Over the next few days I will put together all my thoughts into a somewhat organized description so it will make some sense. That way you can see what it is and do what you can and maybe help steer me in the right direction. You may even already have something that will work as is. In a readers digest version Ö Service calls come from basically 5 sources with multiple teams each. Most tickets are done in one trip but occasionally you have multiple days on the same workorder. So you have the source info (contacts type info) then customer info (again contacts info) service location (address fields plus business name and or LEC information(Local telephone carrier) circuit idís dmark etc. I wasnít going to track LEC info just yet but maybe in the future) then the work order info like the number, date put in, by who, Tech or techs assigned, attachments, due date,price or rate info. Then the work orderís work done and by whom, dates and times, mileage to and from (we only pay the inbound leg unless itís the last ticket then it get inbound and the return to the office. Parts info. This was primarily for return tracking. So you get the idea I am sure or is this going to be too much for this old man to figure out? Thanks for your time and energies, Milton A good man never gets kicked down, he just pauses to closely inspect where he is.

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