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Shipping Companies   

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The Area being Modelled is :-
Shipping Companies.

Subject: Data Model for Transport Engineering (Shipping)
Question: I request for a Data Model for our Transport Engineering Department of a shipping company. 
1) we receive Job Enqueries from Chartering department 
2) We do stowage plan- and lifting drawings for the Job received 
3) Check for ship's stores for necessary Equipment 
4) Check port-restrictions 
5) Acess scope and cost of securing cargo for safe sea transportation 
6.)Send stowage documents to stake-holders 
7.) Once Job is confirmed and vessels disgnated transfer documents to Voyage 

Barrys says The Things of Interest incliude :-
  • Cargo
  • Jobs
  • Lifting Plans
  • Port Restrictions
  • Stake Holders
  • Stowage Documents
  • Stowage Plans
  • Transfer Documents
  • Vessels
  • Voyages

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