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Skills and Authorisations
The Area being Modelled is :-
Skills and Authorisations

This is the start of Gary's Specifications
Hi Barry

Iím looking through your library of previously constructed databases absolutely sure 
there is one there I can use! 

No luck so far Iím afraid so maybe you could suggest one that will work for me ?

I donít know how much Ďpreviousí you have so Iíll explain what I need twice! 

Once presuming you know what Iím talking about, and once presuming not.

Iím in the aviation engineering industry where all our work is authorised using personally issued stamps. 

I need to keep a track of which stamp was issued to who and when, together with the 
authorisations held and when. 

I need to be able to search by stamp, by date, and by user.


Ok. Now for the Ďlayí decode!

When an engineer reaches a certain level of competency in a particular area,
he is issued with a rubber stamp which he then uses to indicate that he has 
done a particular task (he is said to be Ďauthorisedí to carry out that task). 

The date the stamp is issued to the person needs to be tracked as does the date 
it is eventually withdrawn. 

As the level of competency of the engineer grows and/or broadens, 
more Ďauthorisationsí will be added to his stamp (again, with start/end dates). 

Conversely, if the engineer does not work at a particular task for a period of time, 
he may have that particular Ďauthorisationí withdrawn (he keeps his stamp, but it no 
longer authorises him to do that job). 

So to summarise: engineer gains stamp; authorisations are added/withdrawn over time; 
engineer loses stamp.

In addition to this it is always possible that a stamp may get lost. 

In which case the whole Ďsuiteí of authorisations held by the engineer need to be transferred 
(again, with a transfer date) to a new stamp. 

His authorisations donít change, but the stamp number that signifies them does.

Stamps can also only be re-used after a period in Quarantine. 

So this is another factor which needs to be built in. 

After withdrawal a stamp may not be issued to anyone else for a period of time.

I think that about covers it! 

Do you have a ready-made database that is close enough to my requirements?



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