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Student Assignments
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A Database is to be designed to record Student Assignments.

This is the Start of the User specification of the Requirements :-
Students - This table holds information about the students attending a college. 
           Each student is given a unique identifier.

Staff - Holds information about the staff, 
        contains a unique identifier for each staff member

Assignments - Holds information about assignments, 
              has unique identifier for each assignment.

Courses - Holds information about courses, 
          has unique identifier for each course.

Progress - This holds information about each student's progress of each assignment. 
           This is also used by the staff to mark assignments, and used by the college intranet to 
           display to students which assignments are currently unfinished.

Many students can study on many courses. 
Many staff can teach on many courses. 
Each course contains many assignments.


So from the database we need to:
  • display new assignments for students (if any) that staff submit
  • find out which course the student is studying, so we can direct the student to appropriate information
  • display student names for a staff member for individual courses that that they study on, as well as all courses
  • and also some other minor queries. This is the End of the User specification of the Requirements. A. The Things of Interest include :- A.1 Assignments A.2 Courses Offered A.3 Courses Scheduled A.4 Placements A.5 Progress on Assignments. A.6 Student Registrations A.7 Semesters A.8 Staff A.9 Students B. How are they related ? B.1 Students on a Course can be given zero, one or many Assignments. B.2 An Assignment is associated with one, and only one, Scheduled Course. B.3 A Scheduled Course has a defined start and end date. B.4 Each Assignment has a start and end date. B.5 During an Assignment, Progress can be reported at intervals.

  • Barry Williams
    4th. June 2003
    Principal Consultant
    Database Answers


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