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Student Internships   
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The Area being Modelled is :-
Subject: Student Internships Tracking System

Question: • Student Internships Tracking System: 
You are asked to design a data management system for automating the tracking of summer 
internships in a university at a particular year (see Bilkent Internship Web site as an example). 

The system should keep track of secretaries, faculties, departments, students, companies, quotas, assignments, announcements, etc. 

A secretary has a name and password to login to the system. 

There are several faculties, each with a unique acronym (e.g., ENG for engineering) and a name. 

Each faculty has several departments, again with a unique acronym (e.g., CS, IE) and a name. 
Each faculty has a secretary and a secretary works for only one faculty. 
A secretary may provide announcements, which has a unique id, date and announcement text. 
A student has a unique id, name, year, CGPA, etc. and is associated with a single department. 
A company has a unique name, as well as an address and a city. 
A company may be either a “registered company” or a “self-found company”, which means it is found by the student. 

For a self-found company, the contact person name and title must be stored, as well. 
Each registered company have one or more units, which again have a name (i.e., there is at least 
the “main” unit, if no other units exist). 

A unit of a registered company opens a quota for possible student interns to be accepted. 

A quota has a unique id, capacity, contact person, an application deadline and an internship period. 

A quota may be associated with a department or faculty, if it is restricted to students in particular faculties or departments. 

Students apply for quotas (until the application deadline). 
Of course, a student may apply several different quotas, and vice versa. 
After the application deadline, the secretary decides (or runs a random assignment) of students to quotas.
A student may be assigned to only one quota whereas several students may be assigned to the same quota. 
An assignment has approval deadline, until which a student can accept or reject the quota, and a status. 
If (s)he accepts, the status of the assignment is changed to “ACCEPT”. 
If rejected (either directly by student or automatically once the approval deadline passes), the secretary
can see this “open” quota and assign it to another student. 
Instead of applying for a quota, the student may have found a company for his/her internship 
(i.e., self-found company). 
If this is the case, the system directly assigns the found company to this particular student. 
Again, a student may be assigned only one such company, whereas the company may hire several students. 

Barry has identified the 'Things of Interest' as follows :-
1. Announcements
2. Assignments
3. Companies
4. Company Units
5. Departments
6. Faculties
7. Internships
8. Quotas
9. Secretaries
10. Students
11. Universities

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