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  Welcome to the Transport and Travel Data Models Page
   This Page is designed to help you if you want a series of Data Models in an Transport and Travel Theme.
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A set of Transport and Travel Data Models.
1 Airline Reservations Includes Bookings, Flights, Passengers and Payments.
2 Airport Management Includes Flights, Hangars, Owners and Planes.
3 Car Hire Includes Booking, Customers, Manufacturers and Veicles.
4 Coach Trips Includes Addresses, Bookings, Places and Trips.
5 Customers and Deliveries Includes Addresses, Customers, Deliveries, Employees, Orders, Products and Trucks.
6 Package Delivery Service Includes Customers, Delivery Routes, Employees and Packages.
7 Pizza Deliveries Includes Customers, Employees, Orders Vehicles.
8 Public Transport Includes Bookings, Payments, Passengers, Schedules, Timetables.
9 Railway Reservations Includes Passengers, Reservations, Schedules, Seats and Stations.
10 Taxi Service Includes Charges, Frequently Visited Addresses, Journeys, Regular Customers, Taxi Drivers.
11 Transportation and Shipments Includes Addresses, Customers, Orders, Service Companies, Shipment Order and Transportaion Agency.
12 Travel Agencies New Includes Addresses, Bookings, Customers and Services.
13 Vehicle Rental Includes Customers, Locations, Manufacturers, Rentals and Vehicles.
14 Data Warehouse Based on Airline Reservations.

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