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Data Model for our Claygate Tourist Guide   
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1) View from Claygate Train Station


2) Coco Cafe

Coco Cafe

3) Alex and Sue in the Platform 3 Pub

Pub by Station

Alex and Customers at Platform 3 Pub


Platform 3 Pub in the Summer Sunshine

Coco Cafe

Alex outside the Platform 3 Pub

Pub by Station

4) Martins Shop 1907 Postcard

martins shop 1907 postcard

5) Claygate Village in 1908

Claygate Village 1908

6) Claygate lodge in Claremont Road in 1911

claygate lodge in claremont road in 1911

7.1) Ceramica Studio

Ceramica Studio

8) Trew Arts

Premier Wine Shop

9) Williams of Claygate

Williams of Claygate

7.2) Premier Wine

Premier Wine Shop

8.2) Excellar Wine Merchants
Family Wine Merchants since 1971
Wine Cafe since 2012

Williams of Claygate

9.2) Grosvenor Billinghurst Estate Agents

Ceramica Studio

10) Foley Hotel

The Foley has been a village pub and and a coaching inn since the 1780s.

Foley Hotel

11) Hare and Hounds Pub

This Pub is very active in the local community.
They support the thriving junior football club, The Claygate Royals and
sponsor Claygate Cricket Club, the Claygate Cycling Club and the Claygate
Flower Show each July during which they also hold our annual Beer Festival.
Every year we host a Charity Race Night and Golf Day for local charities.
They were co-founders of The Claygate Network on Linkedin, which is an
online forum that supports village businesses and groups and has 900 members.

Hare and Hounds

12) Swan Inn (Rebuilt in 1905)

The Swan is opposite the old village cricket green.

Swan Inn

13) Griffin Pub

Griffin Pub

14) Holy Trinity Church


15) Ruxley Towers

Ruxley Towers

16) 1st. Claygate Scouts Group
Claygate Scout & Guide Drum Corps at Windsor Castle in 2014

The Band at Windsor Castle

17) Flower and Village Show

Flower and Village Show

18) View from Telegraph Hill to Ruxley Tower


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