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Tracking Printer Cartridges 

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The Area being Modelled is :-
A Database to support the Tracking of Printer Cartridges.

Specifications have been provided by Tatenda in the following terms :-


Thanks for your website! I am a beginner at programming. 

I work for a school that uses a wide range of printers. 

One of our challenges has been to keep track of stock levels and usage rates. 

I then decided to design a database in MS Access (I had been using excel spreadsheets) 
to keep track of all this info. 

I have confused myself a bit and wanted to check with someone who knows what they are 
doing to see if what I am doing below is on the right path?

Thanks for your help


My ideas look like this :-

User Entity
Printer Entity

Technician Entity
Cartridge Entity


Used By
          Technician name


          User  ID

          User Name

          Customer Tel

          User Room

          Cartridge ID

          Cartridge Qty

          Cartridge Name

          Cartridge Type

          Cartridge Qty

          Printer ID

          Printer Name

          Printer Type

          Printer Location

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