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Tracking Software Registration 

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Tracking Software Registration

Hi Barry, I am planning a database. It will track when a software program has been registered and log the information in the Registered table. Two questions: 1: where should i log invalid registration attempts. For example if the user enters the wrong registration information or if they try to register but they have used all of their licenses. I want to remember this information but where do i put it? I was thinking a separate FailiedRegiatration table or in general notifications table. What do you think? 2: Also if a user registers the same computer i want to allow them however i want to document that they reregistered the computer. Where should i store this information? I was thinking making a DateRegiatered table that is linked to the Refistered table. That way for each successful registration i can keep track if someone reregisteres on the same computer. Any comments are helpful as i think through this. Thanks. Steve

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