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Data Model for Travel Company Complaints 
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A. The requirement is to design a Database to record Compaints to a Travel Company

Subject: produce a ER Diagram and a Data Dictionary
Question: A travel company that specialises in organising holidays for people on Britain's offshore islands. 
They sell all sorts of packages, some of which include activities such as water skiing or deep-sea fishing. 
They also sell their own holiday insurance. 
Like any company they have in the past received various complaints about the products (holidays, insurance packages etc.) 
that they have sold. 

In order to be a more effective company, one that responds to customer needs, they want to develop a system to handle 
customer complaints. 

A customer makes a purchase for one or more products. 
A product can be any of the things the company sells such as a holiday package, rental of a vehicle, travel insurance or 
hire of fishing equipment. 

Examples of product types and particular products are shown in this assignment. 

A complaint relates to a particular purchase; for example, a customer books a holiday on the island of St Kilda and hires 
some fishing equipment and this would count as two separate purchases. 

If there is a problem with the fishing equipment then the complaint is associated with that purchase. 

If a complaint cannot be resolved within the company then the customer is advised that they can take the matter further with 
the Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA). 

If it is known that the complaint has gone to ABTA then this is noted as the outcome of the complaint. 

When ABTA make a decision this is noted as an outcome also and tagged that the source is ABTA e.g. 'Refund ABTA' as distinct 
from an in-house decision e.g. 'Refund'. 

Barry says the Things of Interest are :-
   A.1 Compaints
   A.2 Customers
   A.3 Travel Agents
   A.4 Others, to be determined

B. How are they related ?
   B.1 A Customer can make many Complaints.
   B.3 Others to be determined.

Barry Williams
February 16th. 2011
Principal Consultant
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