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US Government Organization
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The Area being Modelled is :-
The Organization and structure of the US Government

Here's an Organization Chart from Washburn University School of Law :-

A. THE USER REQUIREMENTS : I was looking at your data models list, trying to determine which data models to study... to start from. I'm trying to design a database to reflect the positions that US voters can choose candidates for. I started thinking through the organization of the government. So far, I'm looking at a fairly huge datastore for the structure alone. My prelinimary design (so far) is one table to hang the goverment's structure on. I'm thinking that I can point names and addresses to the structure, but I'm just trying to define the structure at the moment. GovStruct 1) FedFlg bit (T=Federal, F=State) ** Is this a Federal position ? 2) BranchFlg bit (T=Executive,F=Legislative) ** Is this an Executive position ? 3) LevelFlg bit (If Federal If Executive, T=Pres, F=VP else T=Senate, F=House) (If State If Executive, T=Gov, F=LtGov else T=Senate, F=House) 4) Indice integer (For Senators, 0/T=Senior Senator, -1/F=Junior Senator) (For House, 999=District) 5) ZipCode integer5 Zip of home/central office Are there any designs that I should study for ideas, or is there a design specifically about US government structure that I should look at? Thank you, Barry S.
The Approach was to start with a general Hierarchical Data Model.

C. The Things of Interest
C.1 Organization
C.2 Organization Units
C.3 People
C.4 Roles

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