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Data Model for the US Presidential Transition 2017   
We would be glad to have your comments.

I am currently building a working version in Oracle Apex.
If you would like to be involved, just ask us.

Wikipedia has an interesting entry on the US Presidential Transition and this one on the Inauguration of Donald Trump.
This builds on our work on User-defined Hierarchies which we use as a Design Pattern.
This shows how powerful an Entity-Relationalship-Design can be.

Step 1. Define a General Conceptual Data Model This shows two Entities that allow us to store Entries in a Hierarchy and define flexible ways they can be Related. Conceptual Data Model

Step 2. Specific Conceptual Data Model Now we refine the structure to reflect the Incoming and Outgoing Herarchies in the Transition. Conceptual Data Model Specific

Step 3. Specific ERD Logical Data Model This shows the basic Database. Logical Data Model

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November 17th. 2016

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