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FACTS for tracking Vehicle Mileage
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The design of this Database has been created by following
our General Approach.
The purpose of the Database is to track Vehicle Mileage.

A. Things of Interest :- A.1 Formulae for calculation of Maintenance Schedules A.2 Maintenance Schedules A.3 Sites of Vehicles A.4 Vehicles B. What do we know about the Things of Interest :- B.1 Vehicles have an end-of-day Mileage. B.2 Vehicles become due for maintenance based on mileage, calculated accordingly to a formula. ********* Original specification of Requirements :- Email : nailss in on 4/24/2002: An Excel Spreadsheet is available that will show most of the information and allow for import into Access. 1 Sites 2 Vehicles 2 13 sites using vehicles from list 3 record end of day mileage for each vehichle 4 flag vehicles due for maintain that is based on mileage (can supply formulas) 5 prefer to enter data in form view Is someone interested in helping?

Barry Williams Principal Consultant Database Answers 27th. April 2002

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