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Vehicle Registration Authority
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This is the Start of the User specification of the Requirements :-

A Database is required to support an e-Portal for a Vehicle and Motoring Registration  authority which is based on Web Services. 

The Business Rules that establish the design of the Database are shown as BR.1,BR.2 and so on.
The Business Rules clarify how the Data Model and corresponding Database meet the requirements.
It is very important to think through the theory behind the Data Model because the it is very powerful although it is not very large or complex.

Defining the steps in the licensing cycle is a good 'exercise for the student'and it will depend on local procedures in any particular country.
Here in England, you apply for a Test, turn up on the data arranged, take the test and then either pass or fail.
If you fail, you can try again after 6 months, and if you pass you are issued with a Driving Licence.
At the procedure level, these are simply Services which are linked, and for any person (ie Customer) they become  
records in the Customer_Service_Requests table, which are also linked so that it's possible to track the series of Events.

The organizational structure reflects the services that the Customer Portal has to perform. The Organisation has four Departments :- 1) Licence Managment Department - services include new licence, issue, block . organize test, etc. 2) Finance Department - services include pay fee against licence application, pay fee against cars etc. 3) Car Registration Department - services include register cars, change registration, etc. 4) Customer Support Department. BR.1 In the Database, Departments will be stored in the Departments Table. These 4 departments offer different Services for online customers :- 1) Driving Licences where the Customer goes to the Portal and makes an application for a Driving Licence. This involves :- * Theory test date reservation * Practical test date reservation etc. BR.2 In the Database, a Reservation is stored as a Customer Servce Request.
The date when a Reservation is requested will be stored as the 'date_request_made' field in the Services Table.
The date for a Reservation will be stored as the 'date_request_granted' field in the Services Table.
Every Service has an associated Cost. BR.3 In the Database, the cost of each Service will be stored as a field in the Services Table. BR.4 In the Database, the total cost accumulated for a Customer will be stored as a field in the Customer_Service_Requests Table. 3) Car Registration is supported by a Web-based application :- * Car registration etc.... 4) customer suport is also supported by a web-based application :- * the person who will be on the seat responds to the cutomer by viewing his profile. BR.5 In the Database, the available Services will be stored in the Services Table. BR.6 When a Customer requests a Service, records are created in the Customer_Service_Requests Table. 2) The Customer can pay Application Fee using the online payment system. * Pay a fee against license application * Pay a fee for car Registration BR.7 When a Customer makes a Payment, records are created in the Customer_Payments Table. This is the end of the User specification of the Requirements.

Barry Williams
29th. December 2007
Principal Consultant
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