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Vehicle Tracking 
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The Area being Modelled is :-
A Database for Vehicle Tracking.

The Requirements have been defined by a review of the Budget Auto Centre Web Site

Nationwide Car tracking - and Asset tracking so you can tell where your car has been and is 24/7 in the case of theft.
Pinpoint Accuracy - we can tell where your car is right down to the nearest metre 

Perimeter Violation Alerts - (Geo Fence) if you want to be alerted if your car goes into an area it should not be we can alert you via SMS

Start Up Immobiliser -  if the vehicle is stolen we can immobilize the vehicle so the thief can't start it again and alert the police to where it is 

Back Up Battery - if the car battery is flat it has its own battery so we donít lose signal 

Further information - on this service please advise one of our friendly sales team. 

Barry has defined the 'Things of Interest' as follows :- A.1 Customers A.2 Positions A.3 Vehicles A.4 Invoices A.5 Restricted Areas Sales is outside the Scope of the area being modelled.

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