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Data Model for Web Site Pages
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A Physical Data Model is shown on this page, and a Conceptual Model is also available ...
At the bottom of this page, there are also SQL Scripts to create the Pieces_of_Text Table and the associated Reference Table.

Physical Data Model for Web Site Pages
(   PIECE_OF_TEXT_TYPE_CODE         CHAR(10)               not null,
    PIECE_OF_TEXT_TYPE_DESCRIPTION  VARCHAR2(50)           null   

create table PIECES_OF_TEXT
(   PIECE_OF_TEXT_ID                INT                    not null,
    PIECE_OF_TEXT_CODE              CHAR(10)               null    ,
    PIECE_OF_TEXT_TYPE_CODE         CHAR(10)               null    ,
    PARENT_PIECE_OF_TEXT_ID         INT                    null    ,
    PIECE_OF_TEXT_CONTENT           LONG                   null    ,
    constraint PK_PIECES_OF_TEXT primary key (PIECE_OF_TEXT_ID)

Barry Williams
Principal Consultant
Database Answers

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