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The Requirements for this Data Model have been drafted by 

To record data on sexually transmitted infections in Europe. 
Data has been requested from national contacts in each of 52 countries of our region,
which are further categorised into west, central and eastern europe. 

This database is not going to be published - it is primarily for internal holding and record-keeping. 
A more comprehensive database may be developed at a later time. 

Each country will supply information on a range of sexually transmitted diseases (Gonorrhea, syphillis, 
hiv etc.).

This information will be primarily the total number of reported cases for each year since collections begun, 
as well as the current cumulative totals. 

The data should be further divided by age groups (under 5yr old, 5-12, 13-21, 22-50, over 50), gender (m-f), 
risk category (sex worker, homosexual, drug user etc.) 

The data may be updated quarterly or yearly, depending on availability of data from country respondents. 

I imagine a country table, with a country code and description (the country code being two-digit, based on 
the ISO country coding standard, with standard English spelling for the full-name).

Contact details will record the name and institution of the country contact submitting the disease reports 
for each country, including standard contact information (email, web address, telephone, etc.). 

There is also a requirement to record additional information relating to relevant publications (produced by the country), 
including publication title, language, publication year. 

There is a need to include unstructured (free text) answers to our initial survey, as well as notes added by 
the data entry person. 

The only thing I can do is promise to credit you should we use the design in any public way in the future. 

A.What is the Area being Modelled :-
Statistical Analysis of Sexually-Transmitted Diseases

B. What are the 'Things if Interest' ?
  • Cases
  • Country Institutions
  • Diseases
  • Institution Contacts
  • ISO Country Codes
  • Publications
  • Risk Categories
  • Surveys
  • Survey Answers C. How are these 'Things if Interest' related ?
  • A Contact can be for a Country or an Institution Barry Williams
    11th. April 2003
    Principal Consultant
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