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Data Model for Worksheets
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The FACTS define the Business Rules ...

  • The Scope is ...
    1. Worksheet Processing and Tax Returns
  • The Things of Interest are ...
    1. Charge Sheets
    2. Clients
    3. Company (System) Changes
    4. Employees
    5. Jobs
    6. Payments
    7. Skills
    8. Tasks
    9. Tax Invoices
    10. Worksheets
  • The Business Rules are ...
    1. A Charge Sheet contains details which are in the Job Table,(therefore Charge Sheet table is not required).
    2. Each Client is identified by a ClientName.
    3. Each Client has an Address and a Phone Number.
    4. A Client can make many Payments over a period of time.
    5. An Employee can work on only one Job at any one time.
    6. A Job requires only one Employee (???).
    7. Every Job has one and only one Job Manager.
    8. Every Job has one and only one Job Manager.
    9. Every Job has one and only one Job Manager.
    10. Each Job involves many Tasks.
    11. Every Job is associated with only one TaxInvoice, (therefore the Invoice details can be stored in the Job Table).
    12. Each Payment is made by one Client, for a specified Amount.
    13. Each Job involves many Tasks.
    14. Each Task has a TaskComplete status.
    15. A TaxInvoice is produced for each Client,(?).

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