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Tutorial : A Data Quality Review

Zen Garden, Ryoanji, Japan

This Page describes how to review the design, performance and data quality of a Database, particularly one which is supporting a Web Site.

Key Points :-

  • Evaluate Database design
  • Review Data Quality
  • Identify the Data Validation checks
    This table shows the major Steps :-

    1 Define the Database design Preferably by Reverse Engineering Database Diagram and Data Islands
    2 Identify Keys and Indexes    
    3 Check Data Volumes Look for Dominant Tables Record Volumes
    4 Check Data Quality Look for invalid Data Quality Assessment and Recommendations
    5 Produce CRUD Matrix Look for Tables and Functions Functions which Create, Read, Update and Delete data
    6 Identify Performance Bottlenecks Analyse Tables,Indexes and SQL Functions Top 10 Bottlenecks and 80/20 results

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