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This is a summary of the Database Answers Global Entrepreneur Project.
There are three Phases to the Project:-
  • The Past - The Environment in a London Local Authority
  • The Present - Mashups, the Semantic Web and UK Government Data
  • The Future - Ubiquitous Data and the Universal Information Architecture

    This Menu shows the Plan for the Project.

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    Notes on the Project Plan
    Phase 1 ...
    Environment Showing KPI Display Local Authority in London
    Status : Decide whether any more work is required, plus Access, IBM or Oracle.
    Phase 2 ...
    UK Government Data Mentions Mashups the Semantic Web and the Talis Mashup Platform.
    Status : Decide on Data Sets for demo, try to use IBM Mashup and find freelance developers.
    Information Architecture The new Architecture showing a Catalogue with Publish and Subscribe
    Phase 3 - the Future ...
    The Future of Databases Showing our vision of Ubiquitous Data.
    Status : Produce White Paper on 'Planning for the Future' and Aim to get Moustafa involved.

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