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  Proposal for GRI Software Toolkit

GRI is the Global Reporting Initiative of the UN Enviroment Programme.
They have issued a GRI Request For Proposals (RFP), to be submitted by 27 March 2004.
Unfortunately, they do not have any funding to finance this work, and are looking for voluntary contributions.
"GRI is developing a globally applicable Framework for reporting an organisation's sustainability performance."
In other words, they are looking for a standard way to submit reports.It is not necessary that these Reports have the same structure.
"There are three main elements to the overall Reporting Portal GRI is striving to create :-
1. A Central Reports Repository. (This is our a User-Extensible Data Dictionary).
2. A Reporting Wizard, (Our existing Wizard looks great and will provide guidance in submitting a Report).
3. A Centre for Information Exchange, with Best Practice and Tutorials."

Our Proposal will feature 'Flexibility' and a working Online Prototype accessible over the Internet.

  There are many Links here - some for our GRI Proposal

Check Links in turn to see the current status of Components in the Proposal
Data Model The GRI Users Portal.
Data Model The GRI Repository.
Desperado Data Dictionary.
User Scenario Using a Wizard to submit a Report.
User Scenario 'Subscribe' to a Report.
Components Designed to provide flexibility and end-user extensibility.
Data Model Defines the foundation for the Development Approach.
Development Approach Based upon a Data Dictionary with Templates.
The Facilities in the BMEWS Approach :-
Best Practice This can also be SOPs, Tutorials and e-Learning.
Communities Communities include Registered Users.
Data Dictionary Inventory of all Data and Information in an Organisation.
KPIs KPI Definitions for ICT in Education.
Future Work Covering Users, Communities, Clients and Projects.
Clients Extends a Generic Party Entity.
Staff Extends a Generic Person Entity.
Users Users Login Page.
Users User Profile.

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