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Underwater in Fiji
We like IBM because it tries to do the right things right, (and Barry Williams is an ex-IBMer).
Whats New The Challenges of Basel II,
chaired by Jim Lyon, Risk and Compliance Business Development Lead, IBM,
and including Tim Davis, Executive Director, Advanced Consulting Group, Ascential.
BI Business Intelligence Solutions
BMEWS Entry in IBM Catalogue - BMEWS is a 'Business Monitoring and Early Warning System'. It automatically monitors defined Key Performance Indicators to check the health of a complex Enterprise. It notifies the appropriate management when any area requires attention. It also provides suggestions for action, based on corporate Standard Operating Procedures.
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Global Solutions Directory.
C & I's Consultants & Integrators
Cloudscape IBM's "Small footprint, Open Source-based Java Relational DBMS".
CRM CRM Components
CRM CRM Services
DB2 DB2 Product Family
DB2 DB2 Skills
DB2 Expert Craig Mullins answers DB2 Questions
DB2 ISP hosting DB2 and JRun at
DB2 Migration to DB2
DB2 Migration Case Studies with Search Facility
DB2 Migration Case Study from IDMS to DB2
DB2 RedBook for DB2
DB2 Reference Manuals Online
DB2 Self-Study for Certification
DB2 Support for latest DB2 Version 7.2
Developers World Changes have been made.
e-Business Architects, etc.. (UK)
Education Data Modelling Online Course ($150)
Education Learning Services - an Excellent Starting-point.
Events Forthcoming Events (in the UK)
IBM Specialists Consultants who can help with in-depth expertise.
Information Integration Insight Exchange
PartnerWorld Benefits
PartnerWorld Business Partners
PartnerWorld e-Business Infrastructure
PartnerWorld Value Pack Options
Products IBM Products and Services available in the UK.
RedBooks Technical Reference Manuals covering a wide range of IBM Products.
Single Sign-On IBM's View of the pros and cons of alternative solutions.
SPC Goings-on at Hursley !!!
Software Mall Buy DB2
WebSphere Start here for an Overview.
WebSphere Business Components.
WebSphere Business Components Studio.
WebSphere Getting started with Business Components.
WebSphere Business Integrator.
WebSphere Download Evaluation Center.
WebSphere First Virtual Innovation Center.
WebSphere Personalization.
WebSphere Portal Server.
WebSphere Portal Server Architecture.
WebSphere Software Platform.
WebSphere WebSphere Application Server Download
WebSphere WebSphere Architecture
WebSphere Studio & Certification.
WebSphere User Experience
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