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  1. CyberJaya Home Page
  2. Accommodation in Cyber View Lodge

  3. Malaysian Status.
  4. IBM Malaysia
  5. IBM Partners :-
  6. Oracle Malaysia (1)
  7. Oracle Malaysia (2)
  8. Other Companies found from
    1. Alentus - ISP Hosting Oracle (Singapore)
    2. DB ORA Consulting Bad URL
    3. IT Solutions Bad URL
    4. Oracle(Malaysia) User Group
    5. Members of User Group
    6. PentaSoft in PJ (& a MSC Status Company)
    7. Quality Oracle
  9. Go for Certification as Oracle Internet Database Specialist as Database Answers.
  10. Build KPI Demo to Tutorials & Personalization.
  11. In KL, sign-up as Oracle Business Partner as Database Answers.
  12. Host Tutorials with Oracle Online.
  13. Contact Karim in KL.
  14. Write book - contact Morgan Kaufman
  15. Prepare Tutorials and publish as eBooks.
  16. Host to talk to Oarcle Malaysia with.
  17. Emphasise potential for Knowledge Workers in Malaysia.
  18. Multimedia Super Corridor
  19. CyberJaya (seems to be an unoffical Search Engine).
  20. Conference Singapore April 9th.

1 A surprisingly good starting-point was Oracle Malaysia, but it has been replaced by Oracle ASEAN.    
2 Check out Portal and other Online eSeminars (you have to log on as barryw/m3) Sun, 9 April Done
1 Here's Oracle's Financials Glossary (maybe you have to log on to Oracle Technology Network) Sun, 9 April Done
2 Look at Oracle's Applications and Tools for building KPI Pilot,(incl. new SQL in 8.1.6) Sun, 9 April Done
3 Build KPI with a Portal in WebDB 3.0 Sun, 9 April Done
4 Download WorkPlace demo from Oracle's Suite   OnGoing
5 Host KPI BMEWS on Appsnet - Oracle's Applications Hosting Service   OnGoing
6 Find Oracle's Applications Hosting Roundtable in the UK -
Eima Hayes, Oracle Ireland, Phone : 08705-332200
7 Dates Oracle's Applications Hosting Roundtable in the UK "To Be Determined"   OnGoing
7 Check out this Information on Oracle's Applications Hosting   OnGoing
8 Enquire about hosting on Oracle's Business Online as an ISV for Business Processing Outsourcing. Sat,16 April ToBeDone
9 Consider becoming an Oracle Partner (Independent Software Vendor) at a cost of 1,295. Sat,16 April ToBeDone
10 Consider planning for Oracle Certification Sat,16 April ToBeDone
11 Talk to Al Wilson Sat,16 April ToBeDone
12 Talk to Heather Glasgow Sat,16 April ToBeDone

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