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  Mark's Page

January 22nd. - Here's my revised draft of the Complete Tutorial on Video with 2 seconds of bad language removed.
Play the Video | Download the Video (25 Mb)

December 4th. - Here's the HTML version of the Tutorial on Understanding a Database Schema.

Here's the page showing the Initial set of Ten Data Models.

Here are some earlier notes on how we might work together ...

"Our work together could look like this :
1) Port the Data Model library ( from Access to SQL Server Express.  

2) Distribute them for free on the Coding4Fun and Express sites. 
    • Provide the schemas as both SQL Scripts as well as prebuilt MDF files.
    • Provide both with and without sample data.
    • Start with the top 10 most requested models. Over time, add more.
    • Over time, add Report Packs (using SQL Server Reporting Services) for each schema.
3) Build tutorials around the schemas from #1 above. These should be in a very similar format to the videos found on this Page on the Microsoft Site.
    For example, (in rough priority order) :-
    • Using a database schema to jumpstart building an application or Website
    • Fundamentals of database schemas
    • Customizing a database schema to meet your needs
    • Using Database Diagrams in SQL Server Express
    • Building your own schemas
Barry suggests - In addition, Tutorials will be defined at three levels of Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. 4) Write a monthly article on database topics for Coding4Fun site. These articles would need to be targeted to the beginner or enthusiast developer. 5) For the future, additional areas to work together could include eBooks or Generic Models.


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