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  Welcome to the Top Ten Data Models Page
1) This Page is designed to help you get started with designing a Database to support your work using Oracle 10g Express.
The Data Models on this page are taken from the Top 20 of the Most Popular Models around the world.

If you are a Beginner, then we suggest you choose one of the first five Data Models.
If you are an Enthusiastic, then the second five are for you.

You can download the SQL Script to create the Tables in Oracle 10g Express.
You can also take a look at a diagram for each Data Model.
2) We have a Tutorials around the Data Models.  
3) We also publish monthly articles on database topics, targeted to the beginner or enthusiast developer.
  Here is a set of 10 Useful Data Models Designs to Help you get Started

A set of Ten Data Models, taken from the most popular around the world
Nr. Title Tables in the Data Model Level Download
1 CD Collections Includes Artists, CDs, Tracks and Record Companies. Beginner SQL
2 Apartment Rentals Includes Apartments, Guests and Bookings. Beginner  
3 Hotel Reservations Includes Hotels, Guests, Rooms and Bookings. Beginner  
4 Video Rentals Includes Customers, Inventory and Rentals. Beginner  
5 Inventory Control For Retail Stores, and includes Vendors, Product Items, and Stock Levels. Beginner  
6 School Management Includes Students, Teachers and Parents. Enthusiast  
7 Clients and Fees Includes Clients and Fees. Enthusiast  
8 Health and Fitness Clubs Includes Classes, Members and Staff. Enthusiast  
9 Customers and Invoices Includes Accounts, Customers, Invoices, Products and Transactions. Enthusiast  
10 Libraries and Books Includes Authors, Books and Members, (for the Enthusiast). Enthusiast  

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