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Best Practice Manuals  
Below is the complete list of current Best Practice Manuals.

Best Practice Best Practice for Master Data Management and Reference Data
Best Practice Common Assessment Framework (CAF) by the UK Government
Best Practice Common Assessment Framework (CAF) in Malaysian language
Best Practice Orang Asli Indigenous Knowledge provided by University of Hawaii
Best Practice Orang Asli life at Tasik Chini provided by Peter van der Helm.
Best Practice Orang Asli Temiar Remedy for Blood Pressure
Best Practice UNESCO Guidelines for Best Practices on Indigenous Knowledge
Best PracticeA Single View of the Customer
Best PracticeCoaching Across Cultures
Best PracticeDubai International Award for Best Practice
Best Practicee-GIF Accreditation
Best PracticeGeneral Approach to Data Migration
Best PracticeHow to use a CDM to populate an EDW
Best PracticeMentoring (contributed by Norlia Shidan).
Best PracticeSarbanes-Oxley Act, 2002 for Financial Governance.
Best PracticeStrike Iron Excel front-end to Web Services
Best PracticeUN AIDS Best Practice Guidelines
Best PracticeUN Knowledge Base Management Procedures
Best PracticeWorldFish Center Demonstration
BMEWSBest Practice Monitoring and Early Warning System
BookData Modelling in the Real World
CSRCSR Academy Competency Framework (funded by the UK DTI)
CSRCSR Framework - Getting Started
CSRGeneral Guidelines to get started with CSR
ICT - Databases"Implications of Terrorism on Enterprise Data Management"
ICT - DatabasesInstalling the Oracle 9i Database
ICT - DatabasesTutorial on Oracle Dynamic PSP
MicrosoftHow to instal SSE Reporting Services
Native PlanetSenoi - The Native People of Malaysia
UN Global CompactUN GC Case Study of Aviva
UN Global CompactUN Global Compact Case Study Guidelines
UN ProtocolUN Diplomatic Protocol Guidelines in Geneva
UN VolunteersKnowledge Base for ICT Volunteers

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