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CSR Academy Competency Framework (funded by the UK DTI)
Page numbers refer to the CSR Academy document,(eg pg.04 refers to page 04).

pg.04 Attainment Levels


A broad appreciation of the core CSR characteristics and how they might impinge on business decision-making.

A basic knowledge of some of the issues, with the competence to apply this to specific activities.

The ability to supplement this basic knowledge of the issues with the competence to apply it to specific activities.

An in-depth understanding of the issues and an expertise in embedding CSR into the business decision-making process.

The ability to help managers across the organisation operate in a way that fully integrates CSR in the decision-making process.

pg.05 Characteristic One : Understanding society

pg.06 Characteristic Two : Building capacity

pg.07 Characteristic Three : Questioning business as usual

pg.08 Characteristic Four : Stakeholder relations

pg.09 Characteristic Five : Strategic view

pg.10 Characteristic Six : Harnessing diversity

pg.11 FAQs - Some Frequently Asked Questions

  • CSR is all very well, but isn't it more for large companies ?

    Recent research suggests that small and medium size enterprises (SMEs) in the UK make spcial contributions of up to 3 billion each year.
  • How much will it cost my company

    To use the Framework your company needs to register with the CSR Academy.
  • Isn't it just more forms and bits of paper ?

    The Framework had been designed to be a simple but focussed assessment tool to help businesses, especially smaller companies engage with CSR.
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