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Best Practice Manuals  
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UNESCO Guidelines for Best Practices on Indigenous Knowledge
These are Guidelines for describing Best Practice in line with a UNESCO MOST standard.

1.0 Title

For example, 'Traditional harvesting and marketing of honey and wax in Indonesia'.

2.0 Introducing the Practice

A description of the background and related studies.

3.0 Stakeholders and Beneficiaries

Description of participants, Project team, and so on.

4.0 The role of indigenous knowledge

Description of how the IK fitted in to the culture of the community.

6.0 Achievements and results

Description of the changes and improvements achieved as a result of the Best Practice Project.

7.0 Strengths and weaknesses of the Practice

Description of how Best Practice provided insight.

8.0 Source of Inspiration

Description of how the Best Practice could be replicated in other areas and countries.

9.0 Additional remarks and information

Description of relevant background, such as people who played key roles.

10.0 Publications

List of Articles and Project Reports.

11.0 Administrative Data

List of Organisations and partners involved in the Practice.

12.0 Funding

Description of source and amoutn of funding for the Project.

13.0 Person(s) who have described this Best Practice

Name and Contact details of people who created this Best Practice description.
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