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Best Practice Manuals  
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UN AIDS Best Practice Guidelines
Guidelines for documenting Best Practice for the United Nations AIDS Programme (from

1. Title

2. Background

This gives information about the country and the situation there. Most of it can usually be copied from the UN Country Profile.

3. Brief Description

A brief description of the Project

4. Goals

A discussion of goals, objectives, etc..

5. Brief History

Background, important events, influences and relevant socio-economic factors.

6. Major Elements of the Project

Description of activities, programmes, etc. this will usually be the largest section in the report.

7. Partnerships and Alliances

Description of relationships with organisations in the poublic and private sectors.

8. Monitoring and Evaluation

Description of evaluation activities taken to date. Even if no formal evaluation has taken place, there should be some discussion of strenths and weaknesses in the Practice.

9. The Future

A brief discussion of what the future might be for the continuation of the Practice, including challenges and opportunities

10. For more Information

Mailing, phone, fax or email addresses.

11. Quotes and Photos

Photos and other graphics can help to enliven the text and give some color to the writing. Direct quotes from participants or staff members on the Project can often be included for the same reason.

12. Length of the Case Study

A Case Study is between 4,000 and 10,000 words. The finished document can be submitted online, emailed or posted.
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