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  Data Dictionary / Information Catalog

To ask for details of the Information Catalog, please Contact Us, and you can check out the Data Model and the Current Demonstration. The draft Requirements include :- 1. Store individual Entries :-

    1.1 A Glossary of Terms 1.2 Column names 1.3 Table names 1.4 Etc..
2. Store Relationships between Entries :-
    2.1 Table definitions,(columns, etc). 2.2 Store Data Mapping Specifications.
3. Store References to Documentation, (and maybe Documentation as well). For example, to create complete dictionaries and data maps for 8 mainframe systems. Tabs are an important navigation facility, based on this Template. Four Tabs (in alphabetical order) are currently defined, based on an earlier version of the Data Dictionary :- 1. Categories,(alphabetical list) 2. Glossary of Terms 3. List of all Entries,(with Categories), in the Dictionary 4. Search The Information Catalog can also be referred to as a Data Dictionary or MetaData Repository. It provides a single point of access to information within an organization. This page shows a typical Information Catalog on It provides facilities for an Administrator to :- 1. Maintain the definitions up-to-date. 2. Manage Communities of Users interested in specific Information. It provides facilities for Users to :- 1. Subscribe to receive selected kinds of Data, including Reports. This diagram shows the design of the Database.

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