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Reference Data Architecture   
  This shows the simple version of our Reference Data Architecture without Web Services and where the Enterprise Service Bus is optional.
  Here is a Framework for Data Management that provides a short description of each Layer.

1) Layered Data Architecture
User Access Layer
2) POC Cloud Ref Data Architecture
The Master and Reference Data Layers
shown in Blue can be in the Clouds.

3) BMEWS End-to-End for Presentations

Data Marts
The Data Marts will be populated in Oracle and then Reports will be produced in both
Oracle Apex and Microsoft SSRS (Reporting Services).

Composite Software offers a Cloud Data Integration Solution which is a commercial implementation of our Integration Platform.

In many organisations, and SAP are common Data Sources, along with an Oracle presence, such as Business Process Management.
Therefore, we would always look for off-the-shelf 'Adaptors' for these Sources.
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