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Some Useful SQL Scripts

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Performance Analyze Stats Oracle Optimizer needs this
Source Code Check Trigger Definition Bypasses limits on LONG fields
Source Code Hypermart Online Business Site
Oracle SQL Scripts Adelante Good Source of cut-and-paste Scripts
MySQL - bottom of list Gossamer Threads MySQLMan - Manager
SQL Server Script Library Good comprehensive Source
Oracle SQL Scripts useful to Oracle DBAs Plug for an O'Reilly Book called "Oracle Scripts"
Oracle Oracle FAQs Useful Oracle Scripts
Oracle SQL*Plus Good Introduction
Oracle Oracle DBAs Community Excellent - includes Discussion Group.
Oracle SQL & PL/SQL Annotated Archives Goes with a book by Kevin Loney
MySQL & PHP WebSite Tools Good Source
Oracle Stephen Rea, University of Arkansas Oracle Tips, Tricks, and Scripts
MySQL & Perl WWWoffle, Germany Perl Scripts for MySQL
Oracle Ora DBA Support Looks Good - Check It Out
Oracle OraLinux Excellent - Member of Oracle Web Ring !!!
Oracle Oracle Online Documentation Hosted by Charles University,Prague,
SQL scripts for operation of the Oracle Server.
SQL Server SQL Server Site Good Reference Site
SQL Server SQL QuickStart for Microsoft and VB people only