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  Welcome to the Entertainment Data Models Page
   1) This Page is designed to help you if you want a series of Data Models in an Entertainment Theme.

   A Tutorial will support these Data Models.
  This Page will help you get Started

A set of Entertainment Data Models.
1 Ballet Companies (Casting) Includes Addresses, Dancers, Productions and Roles,(for the Beginner).
2 Ballet (Organisation) Includes Addresses, Contacts, Gifts, Pledges and Subscribers,(for the Enthusiast).
3 Casinos and Slots Includes Locations, Staff, Takings, Time Periods,(for the Beginner).
4 Chess Tournaments Includes Chess Clubs, Players, Results, Sponsors and Tournaments,(for the Intermediate).
5 Cinema Bookings Includes Customers, Bookings, Movies and Performances,(for the Intermediate).
6 Clown Registry Includes Bookings, Clowns, Customers, Performances and Locations,(for the Intermediate).
7 City Tourist Guide Includes Events, Hotels, Restaurants, Things of Interest and Visitors,(for the Intermediate).
8 Dance Schools Includes Classes, Exams, Rehearsals, Shows, Skills, Students and Teachers,shows Inheritance8(for the Enthusiast).
9 e-Commerce Games Store Includes Consoles, Customers, Games, Products and Purchases - shows Inheritance,(for the Intermediate).
10 Games Features Includes Games, Features and Features Categories,(for the Enthusiast).
11 Golf Club Management Includes Golf Clubs, Lessons, Lockers, Members and Professionals,(for the Enthusiast).
12 Golf Tournaments Includes Courses, Players, Teams and Tournaments,(for the Enthusiast).
13 Health Clubs Includes Addresses, Classes, Clubs, Families and Members,(for the Enthusiast).
14 Licences and Permits Includes Organisations, People and Permits,(for the Beginner).
15 Shrek 2 Movie Includes Events, Guest Lists, Journeys, Places, Players and Weddings,shows Inheritance8(for the Enthusiast).

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